Off-road trespass, vandalism getting worse

  • Posted on: 10 February 2007
  • By: admin

Published in the Hi-Desert Star:

By Phil Klasky / Wonder Valley
Friday, February 9, 2007 11:08 PM PST

Hi-Desert residents didn't have much of a chance to celebrate the new county ordinance that helps curb off-road-vehicle trespass and destruction of our communities before a push back by riders that has made things worse. Just ask your local sheriff and homeowner.

Site Stewardship Workshop Open to COW Members

  • Posted on: 18 January 2007
  • By: admin

The Bureau of Land Management is offering a workshop in archeological site stewardship to learn about history, natural resources, archeology and field methods. Site stewardship is also a way to reclaim lands from ORV and other abuse and engender a sense of connection to place.

COW has adopted the Post Homestead cultural and ecological site for stewardship and we would benefit from our members taking the workshop and guiding us on how to best protect it.

COW will pay the $25 fee for up to four members who would like to take the course.

ORV Abuse At Post Homestead Site

  • Posted on: 31 October 2006
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From the Hi-Desert Star Letters to the Editor:

Historic site deserves attention

Saturday, October 28, 2006 12:26 AM PDT

An historic site in Wonder Valley with old adobe ruins from the Post Homestead and protected sand dunes was vandalized by off-road vehicles. The ruins were run over and the adobe walls were used for target practice. New routes have been cut into sand dunes that are strictly off-limits to ORVs. The vandals ran over barriers and right past "no trespassing" signs.

New Digital Cameras and Decibel Meter Available to Document ORV Abuse

  • Posted on: 29 October 2006
  • By: admin

Message to COW members:

COW has two digital cameras and a decibel meter available to members for the purpose of documentation of ORV abuses for law enforcement and code enforcement. Since San Bernardino County passed an ORV ordinance effective July 1, 2006, residents can seek relief from nuisance (noise, dust, harassment, trespass, etc.) by documenting abuses and making this documentation available to San Bernardino County Code Enforcement. Members can take digital still pictures and short videos with the cameras and use the decibel meters to estimate noise violations.

BLM Hires a Resident Ranger for the Morongo Basin

  • Posted on: 28 October 2006
  • By: admin

After three years of advocacy on the part of Morongo Basin residents, the Bureau of Land Management announced that it has hired a resident ranger for the Morongo Basin to be based in Twentynine Palms.

The new resident ranger, Kevin McLean, will work with local residents to make sure that public lands are protected from illegal off-road vehicle (ORV) and other destructive activities.